Recently Released.

Recently AdvancedChef just released the latest version 4.0 of CaterShark! This newest version of CaterShark includes Custom Fields and Inventory Management as its major focus!

  • Custom Fields - Define a variety of custom fields to store and track information about your orders and events which may not be included as part of the default set of fields included with CaterShark.
  • Additional Gratuity Options - You can now optionally show or hide a gratuity selection field in both the online ordering and catering interfaces. Allow your users to select a gratuity amount or continue to auto-set a default gratuity.
  • Inventory Management - the Inventory Management module allows you to track how much inventory was used and is remaining on your shelves.
This newest version of CaterShark includes SmartPhone capabilities with new mobile-friendly interfaces for both catering customers as well as administrators.  The new interface was designed with the iPhone and Android operating systems and browsers in mind. Stay in touch with your catering business and online orders while being mobile!
  • Event Manager - Sleek new mobile-friendly look and feel of an event manager list. Create new events and modify existing events.
  • Contact Manager - Mobile-friendly view to search as well as add/edit your Contacts.
  • Task Manager - the CaterShark Task Manager is your "TO DO" List in the new mobile-friendly version.
  • Report Dashboard - get a snapshot of your daily and weekly sales as well as other reports displayed in bar-graph charting format such as events by status.
  • User Manager - grant access to other administrators or even customers by assigning them login usernames/password in the mobile-friendly interface.
This is a full administrative user who has access to perform any catering tasks across your entire business as well as across any office location:
  • Cycle Menus - Colleges, Universities, and corporate dining hall caterers can leverage the new Cycle Menu creation system.  Add your Stock Ingredients list into the system, then build your Recipes, lastly, create your weekly menu cycles or even create templates to be used at a later date.  CaterShark helps you decide how much of what types of food items to create and then report off of Estimates vs. Actuals. CaterShark saves you time and money as well as saves on food waste!
  • Coupon Codes - create coupon codes in your CaterShark portal and hand them out in promotional and marketing materials to your customers to give them discounts. Build coupon discounts based on a flat price such as $5.00 or even leverage percentages such as 10% off the food order.
  • Server Enhancements - the CaterShark servers were just upgraded making it an even faster and more reliable cloud-based SAS system.  Faster response times, greater bandwidth tunnels, and less waiting for page loads.
  • Packing List - Create and Add Equipment Items to Events. Configure these to be visible or hidden to your customers on the Event Sheet PDF export and other various places throughout CaterShark. Click to generate a Packing List PDF file to be used when your setup crew need to prepare for the event.
  • Gratuity - Auto-add various Gratuity amounts to every order or specify alternate gratuity amounts on specific orders.  See line detail item breakdown of costs including the gratuity line item.
  • Currency Types - Added support for various currency types.  Allow your customers to pay for their order or even bill the customer based on the other currencies using either Credit Card or PayPal.
    • Canadian Dollar
    • Euro
    • British Pound
    • U.S. Dollar
    • Japanese Yen
    • Australian Dollar
    • New Zealand Dollar
    • Swiss Franc
    • Hong Kong Dollar
    • Singapore Dollar
    • Swedish Krona
    • Danish Krone
    • Polish Zloty
    • Norwegian Krone
    • Hungarian Forint
    • Czech Koruna
    • Israeli New Shekel
    • Mexican Peso
    • Brazilian Real (only for Brazilian members)
    • Malaysian Ringgit (only for Malaysian members)
    • Philippine Peso
    • New Taiwan Dollar
    • Thai Baht
    • Turkish Lira (only for Turkish members)
    • Russian Ruble
We're proud to announce version 2.0 of CaterShark! This next generation of our product will help catering professionals be even more efficient and knowledgable about their catering events and help them to stay organized.
  • Administrative Dashboard - important catering data is placed at your fingertips and a snapshot of your current catering needs are right in front of you. The new dashboard consolidates the many facets of your catering data all on one page. See a calendar view of your events. Search for Contacts, Users, & Vendors. View and set Reminders. See a chart-driven view of your events by status, weekly income, etc... Even export events to PDF format to quickly view or even print data.
  • Payment Module - with our newest release, integrate your PayPal account with CaterShark. Simply enter your PayPal business account's associated email address in the CaterShark system and leverage a faster way to get paid! Generate one-click event invoices to your customers so they receive an email containing a link to immediately pay you. Or, for your repeat customers, pay them directly in the CaterShark system. Quick and painless setup allows you to put this new functionality to use. CaterShark makes it even easier to collect payments from your customers. Only a free business PayPal account is required.
  • Google Calendar Sync - take advantage of the many ways to share a Google Calendar to your mobile device, laptop, or even your Google home page. Sync your Google Calendar to your CaterShark Calendar and leverage the ability to quickly create events while on the go. Create a calendar event on your mobile phone, enter a few details, then login to your CaterShark catering portal at a later time and see the event already populated within the system.  Or, create an event in CaterShark and immediately see it pop into your Google Calendar and avoid overbooking your events!  This great new feature can allow you to work in a more paper-less fashion as you begin to use your calendar to schedule your events without the need to transfer or re-create your catering event data that you've previously only written down on paper.
  • Tasks & Reminders - tasks & reminders are your simple notes to yourself of important things that you need to complete. These can be general or even event specific.
  • Vendors - store your vendor-related data in the CaterShark system and access your vendor portfolio in the CaterShark system. Never again mis-place your important contacts at the companies that you purchase goods & services.