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The CaterShark administrative dashboard is new with version 2.0.  It places all commonly used functionality at your fingertips so you don't have to bounce around to various pages to collection the important information you're looking for.  Some elements such as graphs and grids are fully customizable so you can choose what data elements you'd like to see displayed by default, as well as in what order. Also, all administrative users who login to your private catering portal will land on this new view of your catering data. It lays out your catering business at-a-glance and shows you recent events as well as upcoming events.  Some of the features on this page are as follows:

Calendar View of your Events - see all your events, organized by status on the calendar. Quickly see your upcoming events or any events that you may need to perform action upon in order to be fully prepared for the event to take place.  See newly created events, events that have been submitted, booked, or even cancelled.

Google Calendar Sync - create a Google calendar on and set it up on your PC, MAC, or your mobile devices.  Then, sync your calendar with CaterShark so you always know your catering schedule. As you create events in your Google calendar, watch them pop into your CaterShark event database. Or, as you or your employees create events in CaterShark, instantly see them show up on your Google calendar which might be pushing events down to your mobile device, or for which you might be creating on your calendar on Learn more about the google calendar integration.

View Events by List - quickly view your events in list format, open up a full page view of your events, search for events by name, or by status, setup your custom column view, and even export and print your event data!

Browse Contacts, Users, Vendors - search for various people under your catering umbrella.  View or edit your contacts, users, and vendors. Quickly find the phone number for one of your vendors or customers or even add new people into your system.

Charting & Reporting Graphs - setup a default view of whatever charting data is most important to you. Customize what chart you'd automatically like to see by default whenever you login to CaterShark. Possible charts to choose from can be Past Events, Upcoming Events, Events by Status, Daily Income Chart, or Weekly Income Chart. See how your business is performing at-a-glance. Learn more about reporting & exporting.