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Advanced Chef Hosted Catering Software solution "CaterShark".
We've developed CaterShark from the ground up alongside one of the largest catering food-service vendors in the country. CaterShark was built using best-in-breed software architecture keeping you, the caterer in mind.  Most caterers lead very busy schedules and have difficulty staying connected to their data. They often work on the road and from their mobile phones.  We wanted to create a solution that allows you to access your data remotely from any device that has a web browser. Smartphones and mobile phones such as the iPhone, Android phones, iPads, DroidPads, Windows Mobile to name a few.  All of these will give you full access to your secure catering data 24x7. Essentially, you sign up for a CaterShark package, you configure the system, and you're ready to begin using the system from day one.  There's nothing to download or install and you have your very own private catering portal on the CaterShark Cloud.  This is software-as-a-service at its best.

CaterShark is a completely configurable and customizable hosted solution. It provides an incredible amount of flexibility and professional curb-appeal to your customers with minimal cost to you. Affordable setup fee and simple month to month pricing without any red tape or yearly contracts! Our fully automated sign up can have your important customers placing their catering event orders on your very own event catering site today. Or, simply use our hosted internet catering portal to add and maintain your restaurant or your catering company's booked events. Calculate costs, build menu options, let your catering directors manage their own events, etc, and focus on what matters to you most; the art of catering! To meet the needs of our customers, you can even choose to host the system yourself and have it professionally setup and configured at your own facility.  Contact us today for a quote!

All web-based and accessed with any internet connection.
AdvancedChef's cloud service helps you stay connected from virtually any device with a browser.  Integrated with the Google Cloud, CaterShark can keep your Google Calendar synced with your catering events.  Access your events while on the go from your mobile device such as iPhone, Droid, Laptop, or any device that contains a modern-day browser.  Create a google event from your mobile device and instantly see that event the next time you login to your CaterShark personal web portal.  

Since CaterShark was built from the ground up to meet the needs of large catering food service vendors that run catering services for many different colleges and universities... it offers many configurable settings such as workflow options and automatic email notifications for any geographically separated locations and/or sites that you might maintain as well as can be tailored to fit the needs of large and small catering businesses alike.  CaterShark allows you to set site-specific administrators or even manage the system at a global level.

With CaterShark, no matter what service plan you have selected, you get full functionality of event management within the system. There are no restrictions in terms of the number of events you create, or the number of users or contacts you store in the system.  Also, there are no strings attached, no contracts, and an affordable setup fee.  Did we mention that as soon as you complete the one page signup form, that your personal CaterShark portal is immediately available for use?