There are many benefits of using a hosted web based catering software solution as opposed to the more expensive and somewhat traditional products that are also on the market.

CaterShark 30-Day Trial

We have a free 30 day trial that you can have up and running in less than 3 minutes by using our Sign-up page. Simply enter your Business Name and create your Login Information. Your very own catering software portal is immediately created with all the functionality available.

They make you download, install, and configure their software on your company's computers. Aside from all this painful work, it could be hours to have the system setup and running so that you can actually get to the part you care about... the catering software itself.  If you upgrade your computers or replace existing ones, this means you also have to reinstall the catering program.

CaterShark is Completely Web Based

Our system is completely web based. This means you can have full access to the system from any location in the world that has an internet connection! There's nothing to install or configure. When new versions are released, you automatically have full access to all the functionality!

Traditional windows based programs need to be downloaded and installed on your own computers. Then, you have to make sure that everybody who needs access to the software also has it installed on their machines. When upgrades are available, you have to download and upgrade everybody's machines as well as the database yourself. Can you imagine if you had 10, 20, or even 100s of users spread out over multiple geographic locations? It would make taking an upgrade nearly impossible in order to get everybody in sync with the correct new version!

CaterShark provides full access to all functionality

With all CaterShark plans, you have access to our complete functionality. All CaterShark plans come with Unlimited Users, a User Registration module, CRM Contact Manager, Event Wizard, Recipe Costing, Stock Inventory Import, Event Proposals, Custom Workflow, Email Newsletters, Mobile Devices, and much more... We want your business to be as productive as possible!

Other products make you purchase these add-on modules at a significant price as well as charge you for each user that needs access to their software. This often constrains your business and makes you operate under a less than satisfactory means because you don't want to spend the excess money to have the additional functionality.

System Architecture

CaterShark was built from the ground up to run on the web platform. Our software is a proven solution which was originally built to satisfy the needs of a large catering food service vendor that operates across many colleges and universities in the northeastern United States. Your data is stored in a secure, level 5 facility, and is backed up nightly. With CaterShark, there's nothing for you to download and install. It's 100% browser and web based and is completely maintained by us.

Other catering products have alot of unnecessary bells and whistles and are very complex and difficult to learn. If your in-house database or servers crash, it is up to you to pay a 3rd party to try and repair it and then you would have to work closely with the software vendor to try to bring the system back up. All during this time your users are unable to access the system to view or enter any type of catering data.

Software Contracts

CaterShark allows you to do simple month to month pricing. There is no yearly contract and no commitment. If you sign-up for our product and realize it's not for you, then simply cancel at any time.

Most other software vendors require at least a 1-year contract and a large commitment. Other vendors make you pay for expensive recurring yearly maintenance fees in order to be able to continue to use the product or even take product upgrades.

Restaurant Online Ordering

Our restaurant online ordering module can integrate with any restaurant's existing web site or even a Facebook page to allow customers the ability to click on a link and begin ordering food from you immediately. The system is simple to setup and configure and even allows drop-off catering or pick-up caterers the ability to have it alert them as food orders come in. As with all CaterShark modules, this module is included FREE with all CaterShark plans. It ties in quickly with a free business PayPal account so that customers can pay with either a credit card or an existing PayPal account so that you receive the money up-front before you even begin preparing their food order. Customers can pay with ALL popular credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.

Other food ordering programs make you pay for an expensive setup fee or cost-per-transaction fee that is unreasonable. The setup process usually takes weeks rather than hours and you have to sign an agreement with a 3rd party credit card processing company which also charges additional monthly fees on top of what the ordering program itself charges. There are often minimum amounts and contracts that make you agree to a certain period of service of which you will have to pay a cancellation fee if you find out it's not working for your business. There are usually even additional fees if you want to allow payments to be accepted with American Express or Discover cards...