Access From Anywhere

The AdvancedChef cloud network allows you to access your data from any computer, anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection. Manage your events, create recipes and menu options anytime and from anyplace! CaterShark is an online, internet based solution that is extremely versatile and flexible for both small and large catering companies that might be spread out over great distances. Read more about CSCT (CaterShark Cloud Technology).

  • Custom Event Configuration

    Configure various types of catering event types (weddings, funerals, etc...) for the different types of catering events that you frequently perform. Setup different Sales Taxes, Sales Codes, Staff Types (cooks, dishwashers, etc...).

  • Centralized Administration

    For large catering companies, CaterShark allows centralized administration which can be broken down into subsets of Sites (depending on your CaterShark payment plan) and then by Venues (all plans allow for UNLIMITED Venues). Choose from various work flow options on catering events. Submit -> Approve by Admin -> Final Approve -> Book Event Submit -> Book Event

  • Manage Your Catering Sites

    Add as many catering sites as you need. Adding additional sites allows you to maintain and tailor specific details, such as workflow, custom alerts, etc... to each location in your system.

  • Reporting & Exporting

    Our catering software lets you export virtually any data in your system such as events within the past month, events by event status, users, etc... Also, take advantage of our Event Detail Report and Event Cost Reports which breakdown summary level event data. Our export page allows you to export virtually ALL data in the system into Excel. Then import this data into your favorite tax or financials package. Read more about reporting & exporting in CaterShark.

What Others Say

  • CaterShark allows us to easily maintain and track our past orders. We have many recurring customers so this is key when clients choose to repeat older events.

    CaterShark Catering Customer
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