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The CaterShark Event Manager is the central part of CaterShark and allows you to track a wide variety of event-related data.  Some of the information you can track is as follows:
  • Event Name - give the event a name such as Lisa Smith's Wedding
  • Event Date/Time - assign the event to a specific date & time
  • Setup Time - assign a time when you are able to begin setup at the location
  • End Time - assign the approximate or known ending time of the event
  • Guest Count - # of guests who will be in attendance and possibly needing served
  • Event Type - wedding, funeral, picnic, lunch, etc... define your own!
  • Setup Notes - any event specific setup instructions or reminders to yourself
  • Event Description/Special Instructions - description of the event or special instructions
  • Tasks/Reminders - generate one or more tasks that need completed such as Pickup Cake at Betsy's Bakery - 5:00 PM.
  • Extra Costs - add one or more Extra Costs to the event such as Custom Linen - $300 flat fee, or Novelty Ice Cream $2.00 per person. Extra costs can be flat fees or based on guest count
  • Menu Options - this is the building block for all of your possible menu items and can be assigned to categories such as Desserts, Dinner Entrees, Lunch Specials, etc...
  • Venue/Address/Location - where the event will take place or will this be a pickup/delivery item
  • Assigned User/Contact - assign the event to one of your contacts, or even a user in the system if you choose to allow your customers to Register in your catering portal and submit their own events to you
  • PO# (Purchase Order #) - any backend PO# that you may require collecting
  • Event Status - based on the selected Site workflow, this can be a variety of statuses such as Created, Submitted, Confirmed, Booked, Cancelled, Completed
  • Kitchen - view menu options, recipes, re-calculate ingredients based on servings, export/print recipes
  • Event Staff (assign cooks, servers, etc..) - assign hourly wages/time and estimate labor costs)
Aside from all the data you can store regarding an event, you can also view History on the event enabling you to see what has changed/progressed from the initial event creation until now as well as who, when, and what was changed.

Events can also be Exported to PDF file, printed, saved locally to your hard disk, print invoices, and more!

You can also create Proposals and then later quickly turn the proposal into a live Event.

The Event Manager now incorporates a Payments Module with version 2.0. Use the Payment module to generate one-click email invoices to your customers to quickly get paid.  Customers can pay with Credit Card or a PayPal account. Or, you can even have your customers pre-approve payment amounts and you can quickly login to CaterShark and instantly bill their account. Read more about our PayPal module!