Google Calendar Sync - the best way to stay connected!

Why sync catering data to a Google Calendar?

Why not!  It's quick, it's free, and most mobile devices are already able to sync to a Google Calendar. Leverage this capability by creating a Google calendar specific to your catering event needs, then Sync it to CaterShark!

These days, Google is interoperable with most devices on the market.  Whether you use Google as your homepage from your desktop or laptop computer, or you have a calendar on your mobile device such as your iPad, Droid Pad, Tablet PC, iPhone, Droid Phone, etc... you can instantly pull down and view your scheduled catering events as well. 

All CaterShark plans allow you to login to your private catering portal, and enter your Google email address and password, then select one of your Google calendar's to auto-sync it to CaterShark.  You can choose to sync UP to Google and/or sync DOWN from Google back into your CaterShark portal!

Practical use case scenarios:

1. Your away from your home or office, a customer calls you and would like to schedule a catering event. Quickly pull out your SmartPhone (mobile phone only more expensive!), go to your calendar on it, and add the details and date/time regarding the event. Later when you're in front of your computer or a device with a browser, login to your CaterShark portal and the event data will have already been created in CaterShark and the common fields already populated.  Then you can just fill in the rest of the details.  This was possible because when you added the event on your calendar, the event went up to Google, and then back down into your CaterShark account because you had selected "Pull Google Calendar & Create Catering Events" in your CaterShark Google-sync settings.

2. You and/or your staff have been doing a great job using CaterShark and staying organized.  All your catering events are booked in the system and your schedule for the next couple weeks is completely laid out in front of you on your CaterShark calendar.  But now, you're away from your computer and trying to figure out what plans you have for the weekend.  Well, instead of wondering what obligations you have to your catering business, pull out your phone or your iPad, etc... and look at the calendar on the device.  Since you had chosen to "Push Catering Events out to Google Calendar" in your CaterShark Google-sync settings, you know that the calendar on your mobile device is up-to-date and completely in-sync with your catering events.  This is because as you created the events in CaterShark, they were pushed out to Google, and then back down to your mobile device.