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Menu Options are the building blocks of events. The CaterShark Menu Manager allows you to build custom menus to be added to your catering events.  Menu Options can be used stand-along or in conjunction with one or more recipes depending on the granularity you wish to track your costs.

Stock Ingredients -> Build Recipes -> Build Menu Options -> Add Menu Options to Events

With Menu Options, you can create custom categories such as Dinner, Seasonal, Lunch, Seafood, or even your own such as Linda's Daily Specials.  If you choose to leverage our recipes costing functionality, you can then place one or more recipes inside a menu options.  So rather than having a menu option be just one food item such as "16 oz. Sirloin", you could create a menu options such as Linda's Steak Dinner and add multiple recipes to it such as a brazed beef food item, and a homemade garlic mashed potatoes recipe, and a vegetable side dish, etc...   

You can be as creative as you'd like with the flexible setup of Menu Options within the CaterShark system.  Give your menu options a name, description, assign them to one or more categories, upload a mouth-watering photo of the food or dish.

When it comes to pricing, CaterShark is extremely flexible.  Menu Options can be set to a flat cost, or a cost that is auto-calculated based on the guest count.  You can even choose to hide certain Menu Options from your customer's view as you may just want to associate a back-end cost to the item but not allow your guest to select the view and select the item to add it to an event.

For large catering companies with multiple "Sites", you can add/remove certain Menu Options that may or may not be available to certain locations.  You can even set default sell prices on the menu options which can be overriden as needed or negotiated by administrators.

Create Extra Items such as condiments, dressings, toppings, etc... so your customers can customize their order. Use the buffet builder to allow customers to select various items from each section such as Select an Appetizer, Select TWO side dishes, Select an Entree, and Select ONE dessert from the following... Up-sell and maximize profit by using the Suggestive Ordering module to suggest accompaniments based on what has already been ordered! Suggest red wine with certain steaks, etc...