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The CaterShark Newsletter Module is a powerful sales tool that can be used to send widespread emails out to your Contacts & Customers. You may want to inform your customers about a special you are having or an event you are hosting.  Keep your customers in tune with what your catering company is doing or even current events.

Our custom in-line html editor will allow you to create custom and visually attractive emails that can even contain images and links to your customer web site or even back to your CaterShark catering portal's login/registration page. Send your customers an email and provide them the ability to quickly create an even and order one of your daily specials.  Be proactive and keep your repeat customers coming back to you!

With the CaterShark Newsletter Module, you can send broadcast emails to one or many people in your CaterShark Contacts or Users database.

Give your email a fancy Subject such as Linda's Catering April Monthly Special or Save 10% by Booking Online Today!  Add your Contacts to the email message or send to other specific email addresses.  Even add Attachments such as your catering menu or flyer!  

Later, if you decide to send a slightly different email newsletter out to your customers, perform a Copy Newsletter on the one you previously sent out, make your revisions, and send it again!  View your complete history of email newsletters that you've already sent out.  Begin using CaterShark Newsletters and watch your sales INCREASE!