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Introducing the CaterShark/PayPal payment integration!

With the newest release of CaterShark, a new payment integration method exists between PayPal and your private CaterShark Catering Portal.

How it works:
Whether you create catering events and maintain full control over the event data, or even if you choose to allow your customers to be able to login as a "customer" to your private CaterShark Catering Portal, our PayPal integration can make your life easier when the time comes to collect payments from your customers for catering events.

There are different ways to collect payments from your customers using CaterShark:

  1. After all event data has been added (menu options, events costs, etc...) and an event total has been calculated, you can generate a one-click payment to your customer's email address. 
  2. Or, if your catering customer is submitting the catering event themselves, before they are allowed to submit the event, they must pre-approve the payment for the event.  This is a quick and painless process for your customer and they can choose to pay by Credit Card, or with their pre-existing PayPal account.  Then, after the event, simply login to CaterShark and click a Generate Payment button to officially charge your customer for the agreed-upon amount. 
  3. New! Online Ordering for restaurants and drop-off caterers. No registration is required for your customers. They can simply add food items from your menu to their shopping cart and checkout. Credit cards and/or paypal can be used to instantly pay for the online (on-demand) food orders.

With any of the above solutions, your money remains in your PayPal account until which time you choose to login to PayPal and transfer it to your bank account. 

PayPal payments can be quickly setup in the system and all that is required is that you have a free PayPal "Standard" business account.  This process is simple and can be completed in minutes from the PayPal Business Sign-up page (just select the FREE PayPal Payments Standard version).  You can also read more about PayPal Setup & Configuration in CaterShark

PayPal rates can be negotiated with PayPal based upon your sales volume.  PayPal rates are typically 1.9%-2.9% along with a .30 transaction fee and a .20 CaterShark convenience fee per transaction.