Pricing is based on a recurring monthly fee according to the amount of annual revenue your catering generates.

We offer plans small enough to support restaurants who perform a handful of events per week, up to a college or university that perform hundreds each month. Please call us Toll-Free for a custom quote if you need a plan that allows for more annual income than are displayed below. All of our catering plans allow for unlimited Events, Users, and Venues as well as access to our Mobile Apps! Simply click on the Free Trial button below to get started using the catering software. No credit card required and no strings attached!  Your private catering portal will be immediately created in the CaterShark Cloud and be made ready for use!

Professional Plans
Features Free Trial Pro 1 Pro 2
  Select Select Select
Monthly Fee FREE $49.99 $79.99
Signup Fee FREE $100.00 $200.00
Annual Income Unlimited Up to $500,000 Up to $1,000,000
# of Events per year Unlimited
# Catering Venues  Unlimited
# of Users Unlimited
*Automated Voice Notifications Module Optional - Add-On Module $10/Month
*Store Locator Module Optional - Add-On Module $10/Month
Web Site Design Integration Optional - Integratation with look/feel of your business website. Starts at $200 one-time fee. 
Menu Data Entry Optional - We work with you to load your menu into the system. Starts at $200 one-time fee.
By-Pass Payment Module
Event Tracker Module
Google Calendar Sync
On-Demand Ordering (real-time customer order entry)
Invoicing PDF Generation
Customer Registration Module
Mobile Apps
Contact Tracker Module
Email Newsletter Module
Recipe Costing 
Stock/Ingredient Import
Kitchen Functionality - adjust recipes and servings, export & print
Staff Functionality - adjust event
staff, times, & calculate wages 
Recipe Servings Calculator
Ingredient Conversion Tool
Reporting and Data Export
Event History Tracking
Customize Menu Options with
Images & Categories 
Customize portal with your logo and colors

*Payment Module - if you opt-in to the free Payment Module, when payment is collected from your customers, you are subject to PayPal's processing fees as well as an additional .20 per transaction convenience fee from AdvancedChef.  PayPal typically charges anywhere from 1.9% - 2.9% on all credit card transactions as well as .30 per transaction processing fee.  Check with PayPal to try to get your fees lowered on your free Business PayPal account (PayPal Payments Standard - FREE). Typically, the more income you generate, the less PayPal will charge for credit card transactions. You must have a business PayPal account for your funds to be deposited into your PayPal account when customers pay with either credit card or PayPal through CaterShark. A Free Standard PayPal account can be setup in minutes from the PayPal web site.

*Automated Voice Notifications Module - allows you to receive real-time automated voice messages which can be configured to call your telephone at your place of business and read off the order details to you while you write down the order details or enter it into your POS terminals. 

*Store Locator Module - if you have multiple restaurant/store locations, allows you to add all your stores into the system and embed a link on your existing web site. Your customers sees a map of all your nearby locations and they can order food from the appropriate one using CaterShark!

Credit Card Fees are 1.9 - 2.9% as distributed through PayPal.
.30 transaction fee + .20 convenience fee when customers pay with either Credit Card or PayPal.

For example, a $50.00 food order (assuming 2.2% credit card fee) would be:
+$1.10 (credit card fee)
+.50 (transaction/convenience fee)
$1.60 (total cost to you which would be subtracted from the $50.00 food order)