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Recipes are the building blocks of Menu Options. The CaterShark Recipe Manager allows you to add all your favorite recipes into the system.  You can choose to do this to leverage the powerful costing aspect of food associated with catering, or you can do it just so you have a central storage repository where all your recipes are located.  By adding recipes into the system, you can view cost per portion and cost per person amounts for all your dishes.  

Stock Ingredients -> Build Recipes -> Build Menu Options -> Add Menu Options to Events

For recipe setup, you can essentially choose ingredients from your stock list, select an amount such as 2 Cups Flour... and do this for the rest of the ingredients in your recipe.  You can view valuable ingredient-related data such as the cost that is associated with serving X Number of people this particular recipe.  

The Recipe Manager also has a Conversion Tool so you can alter the ingredient amounts based on the number of people you need to server.  Convert Cups to TBSP, etc...  Also, your recipe may serve 6 people, however you need to server 24 people for a particular event.  Quickly adjust serving quantities by letting CaterShark do the math to multiply all the ingredients by 4 and see the new costing information as well as view/print the revised recipe.

The Recipe Manager also comes complete with the ability to specify a profit amount.  You may want to have a profit of 25% per serving.  Let CaterShark calculate a suggested retail price based on a profit margin taking into account the cost to create a particular recipe and all the ingredient costs associated with that recipe.