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The CaterShark Reporting Dashboard gives a quick at-a-glance view of your business.  Our rich reporting charts makes it easy to see how your business progresses over time.  See your past events & upcoming events.  Also, see a color-coded view of your events by Status.  This gives you an instant view of what events you still need to "work" in order to get them in "Booked" status.  For example, you may still have arrangements to make with your client and information you need to gather, or even money you need to collect and take payment before changing the status from Created to eventually Submitted or Booked.

Other charts can show you Daily Event Income as well as Weekly Event Income.  See your most profitable weeks and how your business has progressed.

We have rich Event Detail & Event Cost reports.  Enter search criteria and search for specific data to report upon by Event Date range, Site, and by Status.  Then, view/print reports, save them to disk in a variety of formats such as PDF or CSV/Excel.

Our Data Export functionality enables you to export virtually all data within your system.  Export the data to CSV/Excel file format to integrate your income for tax & accounting purposes.  Export your Event data and pull it into Quickbooks, Great Plains, or other popular tax programs.  Since CaterShark easily exports to a common spreadsheet format, you can easily alter the columns of data to get it into the format you require for your favorite business accounting programs.

Other aspects of data that can be exported to CSV/Excel format are as follows:

  • Export Event data by Status (upcoming events, past week, past month, past year)
  • Export Event data by Status (created, submitted, confirmed, booked, completed, completed by sales code, cancelled)
  • Menu Option Data - view all aspects of your menu by category, description, cost, etc...
  • Users - export data related to the users who you've granted access to login to your system, as well as your customers. View the last time they've logged in as well as the last time they've submitted an event.
  • Export Recipes - view all aspects of your recipe data
  • Export Stock Ingredients - view all aspects of your stock/ingredient data, quantity, packaging, cost, vendor, etc...
  • Export List Definitions - export all your custom-defined, event types, staff types, vendors, sales taxes, sales codes, sites, venues, etc...