Advanced Chef Online Food Service Solution
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Admin Control Panel
Access your control panel on any computer connected to the internet. Check on the status of your current events, lookup users, vendors, contacts, view your event calendar, see your tasks & reminders. Learn more...
Event Wizard Module
The CaterShark Event Wizard allows your customers to easily submit and maintain new events online. Admin can also submit events on behalf of customers.
Calendar View of Events
Easy to navigate event calendar allows you and your customers to review or edit upcoming events. Sync your CaterShark event calendar with a google calendar to always stay in touch with your schedule. Learn more...
Recipe Servings Calculator
Built in Servings Calculator adjusts each recipe based on your new serving size. Learn more...
User Registration Module
Allow users to register directly on your website so they can start booking their upcoming events online.
Manage Stock Module
CaterShark allows you to import or individually add stock to your database. Stock can be added to recipes. Recipes can then be added to menu options.
Import Stock Module
Does your food service distributor provide .csv files of your stock? If so, you can easily import your distributors stock ingredient data directly into your CaterShark database.
Recipe Details
Each recipe can be configured independently based on profit margins. The servings calculator allows you to quickly adjust servings based on revised quantities. Learn more...
Manage Menu Options
CaterShark allows your administrators to easily add new or update existing menu options. Menu Options can also be managed based on client site location. Learn more...
Site Menu Options
Maintain all menu options in one location. You decide the menu options available per client or site location.
Manage Users
Manage all users or clients that have access to your CaterShark Catering site. Add New users or modify an existing user. Users can also maintain their own user profile online. Learn more...
Site User Permissions
CaterShark gives Administrators the ability to control the permissions of each user. A user can be a Customer or Admin. Admins can have Full or Limited access. Learn more...