Please review our general FAQs below. This will allow you to become quickly acquainted with the CaterShark online event software.

CaterShark FAQs
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System Requirements

Do I need to install any software on my computer to run CaterShark?
There is absolutely no software to install on any of your computers or company servers. CaterShark is completely web-enabled and hosted on our dedicated remote servers. You can access your CaterShark portal from any computer with an internet connection.
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Pricing & Sign-up

How do I configure the Payments Module within CaterShark to charge my customers' credit cards or generate one-click payment invoices?
Please visit our PayPal setup page for instructions about this process.
What are the limitations to your CaterShark FREE trial plan?
There are no limitations to the FREE trial plan. The FREE trial plan contains the same functionality that exists in our professional plans. After 30 days you will no longer be able to submit or update events.
What is a catering Site and how do I know what type of plan I should signup for?
A catering site is typically a self-sustaining part of your organization if you are spread out geographically. Each catering site can have as many venues (or places where catering events are held). Typically medium to large catering companies require multiple catering sites. Each site can have its own customers, administrators, customer #'s, sales tax amounts, as well as its own set of available Menu Options (or dish selections) to choose from. Having multiple catering Sites still allows you to manage your business globally across all catering sites with full administrative access. Most small catering companies as well as restaurants can typically just use the "Default" site that is pre-defined in the system.
Am I limited to the amount of Catering Events, Users, etc... that I can store in the system or have access to the system?
All plans allow for an unlimited # of events, users, sites, and venues. We offer inexpensive professional plans as well as enterprise plans ideal for colleges and universites. We value your business and only want you to pay according to how large your company is and how much money you generate on an annual basis. We try to offer our low-end plans at affordable prices that will fit most everybody's needs but still give you all the same functionality, features, and options available in the high-end plans. Please check our our pricing page for more details.
How do I sign up and is there a waiting period?
Sign up is simple. Just navigate to and fill in the necessary information. If you choose a plan other than the FREE trial you will be prompted to enter your credit card details. Our sign-up is secure and we verify your credit card information immediately. Once verified your new catering website is dynamically built through our automated process and you will be able to start configuring your catering website in minutes. You can then upgrade your plan at any time.
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Recipes & Stock

Can I manage my food service vendor stock list online?
Yes you can! Most food service vendors can provide you with an excel or .csv file of the stock items you purchase from them. CaterShark provides you with an import stock module that will insert all these stock items into your CaterShark database along with your vendor-provided pricing information. These stock items can then be inserted as ingredients into your recipes and provide valuable recipe-costing functionality.
I see that I can have a repository of all my recipes in the CaterShark database. Sometimes I need to change the serving amount for a recipe depending on the amount of people at an event. Can I easily do that in CaterShark?
Yes, you can easily change the serving amount for any recipe in your catering website. Each recipe added to CaterShark has its own Recipe Calculator. You can instantly change the serving amount on a recipe and the ingredient amounts will recalculate based on the new amount. The recipe can then be exported as a pdf.
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Users & Customers

How do I add users to my CaterShark portal?
There are two ways to add users to the CaterShark website. (1) Through your administration control panel you can manually add as many users to your site as you like. (2) Outside users or clients can register directly on your CaterShark website by clicking on the Registration button on your catering login page and navigating to your personalized registration page. From there the new user submits the registration and is then granted access to your CaterShark website. You will be notified by email when a new users registers.
How many users can I add to my CaterShark catering event tracker website?
Every plan on the CaterShark event tracker allows for unlimited users. This is one feature that sets us apart from the competition. Many other catering software vendors charge a per-user fee. This fee can often skyrocket beyond the budget of an average catering company.
Can my customers submit catering events online?
Certainly. This is the whole idea of CaterShark's online catering website. We make it easy for your customers to access your catering website and submit their upcoming events online. Once your customers submit an new event you are notified by email. You can also submit events on behalf of your customers.
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Invoicing & Finances

How do I configure the Payments Module within CaterShark to charge my customers' credit cards or generate one-click payment invoices?
Please visit our PayPal setup page for instructions about this process.
Can I print out and send email invoices to my invoices to my customers?
Yes you can. At any time in the event booking process you can export the event invoice into a pdf file. At this point you can email this invoice to your client.
Are the invoices already calculated for me?
Yes. All invoices are calculated by the CaterShark system. Sales taxes are configurable in the catershark system based on location.