Inspired by corporate chef's from one of Americas leading food service vendors CaterShark is one of the very few pure web based catering and event management solutions.

CaterShark is an event management software solution that is focused on providing caterers the visibility into the tracking and management of their catering events, as well as an insight into the costs associated with those events. Check out our system architecture to learn more.

Access Data from Any Computer

The AdvancedChef cloud network allows you to access your data from any computer, anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection.  Manage your events, create recipes and menu options anytime and from anyplace!  CaterShark is an online, internet based solution that is extremely versatile and flexible for both small and large catering companies that might be spread out over great distances.  Read more about CSCT (CaterShark Cloud Technology).

Google Calendar Sync

Create a specific Google calendar with Google and select it to sync with CaterShark! Stay connected to your schedule and catering events all the time so that you can plan ahead and avoid over-booking your events.  Sync your CaterShark events out to your Google calendar or event setup a 2-way sync to bring in your Google calendar events and auto-generate CaterShark catering events. Then, use your mobile devices or a computer to create and modify your Google calendar. Instantly see these events show up in CaterShark the next time you login to the system.  Read more about our Google Calendar Sync.

Contacts & Vendors

Track all the details around your contacts & vendors. Define call-back dates for your customers when scheduling an event.  Add notes that are specific to each contact. Large catering companies can then choose to give customer login-access to the system so they can schedule their own events and submit them. The customer dashboard allows them to browse through your menu options and only see data specific to their catering events. Print invoices, setup back and forth workflow, generate email notifications, plus much more!   Read more about Contacts, Users, & Vendors.

Get Paid Faster!

Generate one-click payment invoice emails to your customers to allow them to pay you directly! Or, accept Credit Card and/or PayPal payments for customer events. Use your free Business PayPal account and link it to your CaterShark portal with your email address and get paid faster!  Quick and easy setup.  Read more about the CaterShark-PayPal Integration.

Online Ordering for Restaurants (on-demand food ordering)

Restaurants and catering businesses that provide drop-off or pick-up orders can utilize our online ordering module so customers can order food and schedule it for pickup or delivery at various times. Quickly configure your CaterShark online ordering module to immediately begin accepting credit cards or PayPal payments. Setup your menu in the system and generate a link to your CaterShark online ordering site. Setup your allowed Hours of Ordering Schedule and begin receiving SMS Text messages to your mobile phone, email messages, and/or calendar items on your smartphone as orders come in! Create various Coupon Codes to give your customers various discounts when one of your codes are entered at order time. Read more about the CaterShark Restaurant Online Ordering Program and how it can help you compete in today's marketplace!

Mobile Enhanced for Smart Phone Browsers

All plans are now mobile enhanced for smart phones. Your employees and administrators can now quickly access important event information directly through your smart phone browser. When logging in as an administrator CaterShark auto detects the type of device you are logging with. From there you are re-directed to mobile enhanced administrator pages. This also works for your clientele that wish to access and submit events to you on the go! Let your customers browse existing catering events as well as any other Catering Events that they've submitted through their phone or have even submitted directly through your CaterShark catering portal. The CaterShark web-based software works great on an any smart phone as well as other modern-day mobile devices that have a browser. Read more about the Mobile Enhancements for Smart Phone Browsers.

Customers Submit Events Directly to You

Caterers who cater events to colleges & universities appreciate that their frequent customers can submit catering events directly to them and can even setup the system to require a Purchase Order # or even a minimum amount of time prior to the event.  Receive email notifications for various types of triggers within the system.  For example, if your company is named, XYZCatering, you could hand out business cards to your catering clientele with your personal catering web site at  Your customers can quickly register online and begin submitting catering events to you.

Cycle Menu Creation

Create cycle menus for use in your dining houses and cafeterias. Generate cycle menu templates and fill out menus week by week. Then, report against your actuals vs. estimated plate consumption. View meal costs and left-overs on certains weeks of the year. Add certain menu items to dining hall Stations. Cycle Menu tracking is a great feature for larger catering companies who may create meals for colleges, universities, corporate dining hall catering, hospitals, schools, and more!

Define different catering venues for each catering location that you have created.  Each location in the system can be setup with user accounts and have various access levels defined (administrators for ABC Location, limited administrators, and regular customers or catering users).  Read more about the CaterShark Event Manager.

Custom Event Configuration

Configure various types of catering event types (weddings, funerals, etc...) for the different types of catering events that you frequently perform.  Setup different Sales Taxes, Sales Codes, Staff Types (cooks, dishwashers, etc...). 

Reporting and Exporting

Our catering software lets you export virtually any data in your system such as events within the past month, events by event status, users, etc... Also, take advantage of our Event Detail Report and Event Cost Reports which breakdown summary level event data. Our export page allows you to export virtually ALL data in the system into Excel.  Then import this data into your favorite tax or financials package.  Read more about reporting & exporting in CaterShark.

Centralized Administration

For large catering companies, CaterShark allows centralized administration which can be broken down into subsets of Sites (depending on your CaterShark payment plan) and then by Venues (all plans allow for UNLIMITED Venues). 

Choose from various work flow options on catering events. 
Submit -> Approve by Admin -> Final Approve -> Book Event
Submit -> Book Event

Granular Security-based User Setup

Granular security-based user setup.  Setup global administrators, limited administrators, and regular catering customers (or users), into the system.  Grant or deny limited administrators the ability to add/modify menu options, add/modify other users at their location, mark events completed.  Also, grant or deny these users to be able to modify the FOH or KOT.  Read more about security roles.

Email Status Notifications

Configure email notifications to be sent when event statuses are changes or when users register into your private catering portal.

Choose between allowing your customers to submit events using the Event Wizard or the Quick Submit form, or allow them to use either one.

Import Stock Ingredients/Build Recipes

Import or manually enter Stock (ingredients) into the system.  Then, use our menu costing functionality to view cost per portion information by creating Recipes in the system based on that Stock.  Add different types of Stock Vendors into the system so that only certain catering locations can use and import stock from those specific vendors.  Read more about the CaterShark Recipe Manager.

Configure Menu Options

Configure which Menu Options are allowed for your different Catering Locations.  Setup Menu Option Categories such as Desserts, Appetizers, Meats, etc... Build out flat cost Menu Options or cost per-person Menu Options.  Add one or more Recipes and upload a photo to each Menu Option. Set Suggested Menu Items as accompaniments to help you up-sell orders and maximize profit!  Read more about the CaterShark Menu Manager.

Front of House - STAFF

Front of House (FOH) Staff functionality to allow you to setup which staff will be used and at what times as well as at what pay rate.  Read more about the CaterShark Staff Module.

Kitchen Prep

Kitchen Preparation functionality which allows you to view and print off menu options and recipes for each event. Read more about the CaterShark Kitchen Prep Module.

Free 30 Day Trial of CaterShark Catering WebsiteBegin your free trial of the CaterShark catering software now (no credit card required)! CaterShark features instant sign up that allows you to quickly get up and running in minutes!